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Stay at Home Kit

Stay @ home skincare kit (Great for Acne Prone and Hyperpigmentation Skin) $95

It’s Ideally to use before bed :) 

- Up to 3-4 Facial Treatments. 

- These are exactly same steps I do in a facial treatment for you!

- You can do twice a week. 

#1 Double Cleanse 

If your skin is SENSITIVE: You can use #1 (lotion cleanser) by it self 

If your skin needs extra loving: You can combine a little bit of the other #1 (Container with Detox Rice Powder)  into the lotion cleanser for extra Exfoliant, it buffs and smoothes skin texture at the same time. Massage lightly with circular motion on your skin then rinse with warm water. Use paper towel to pat dry! (No more face towel please) :)

#2 pour the “Antioxidant/ Brightening Pro Masque” into a Bowl. Add water to the black marker line I have on the container (DONT PASS THE LINE) Pour it into the same bowl. Use disposable wooden Spatula stick mix it together until homogenous paste, apply on your face 15-20. Peel off. (Don’t rinse your face) Wipe down any excess with esthetic wipes.

Wash your hands. Make sure ur hands are clean before you continue with step 3&4

#3 Acne Solution: drop it directly onto your face especially areas where you have acne, pat it evenly on ur face. Turn the fan on, wait 2 mins for it to dry completely. 

Warning: It’s going to sting! But it will be good for your skin! 🤍

#4 Hydration/Brightening Treatments: I pre-mixed 5 different skincare items in this lovely container. 

Extra: Sheet mask, you can use this anytime during the week for extra hydration! Follow instructions behind the bag 

 Includes: Preparation with love and care from BR 🤍 Cleanser, Exfoliant, 2 Professional Masque Powder, Acne solution, A bunch of Brightening treatments and hydration products in 1 container, Sheet mask, & 2 disposable wooden Spatula sticks. Facial Headband.

Tag me @beautyrevisionskincare lmk if you love the kit! I’ll make more 🌹


Since a lot of people are still afraid to go out for a facial service, this will be great for stay at home use! 


** If your skin is super congested of course, come in to see me for extraction! ❤️

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