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24K Golden Skin Peel Off Face Mask

1 Time use | 36g

Treat your skin to a deeply purifying and hydrating renewal with the 24k Golden Skin Peel Off Face Mask targets aging sign, high in vitamins, it provides the skin with all the nutrients, increasing blood circulation,  smooth the appearance of wrinkles and improving in dark spots.

  •  Regular use of the 24K  Golden Face Mask leaves skin feeling firm and supple


1. After cleansing apply 35g powder in a bowl, adding suitable amount of cold water (suggest 40ml)

2. Mix powder & water, quick stir 1-2 mins into a uniform paste. No more than 3 mins

3. Apply on the face, coating process, please do it as soon as possible, no more than 3 mins.

4. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes only. Keeping the peel on for longer can cause issues while peeling. Peel away gently for refreshed skin. Use a wet towel to wipe excess of the mask off the skin & apply your normal skincare regimen 

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