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Vitamin A&E ointment

20 pieces of vitamin A&E tattoo ointment 

Safe and Effective - The tattoo aftercare ointment contains natural Vitamin A and Vitamin D as well as potent skin-soothing plant ingredients. which can Effective Prevent Scarring & Nourish Your Skin.

Anti-Inflammatory & Moisturizing Calming Skin - The item will help prevent melanin formation and scarring by effectively moisturizing and calming your skin, prevent dryness and itchiness.You can use it even after facial microblading or makeup tattoos too.

Promote Skin Healing and Multipurpose - The skin-hydrating ingredients will help your tattoo heal faster. It can also be used for minor burns, diaper rash, nipple care and dry skin.

Individual Packets for Maximum Convenient - The tattoo ointment comes in 100 individual packets of 5g each, which will allow you to always have your tattooing ointment with you, without having to carry bulky tattoo aftercare cream. Plus, our 5g packets are perfect for your tattoo shop too.

Shipping time: 3-5 business day

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