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.12 Mixed Tray Lashes

Curl: Cc

Diameter: 0.12

Length: 12mm-19mm


♡︎ Introducing our new BR favorite Classic lash, BR Mixed Length Lashes contain 16 Lines. 0.12 in diameter, it is available in Cc Curl. 

♡︎ We chose 12mm-19mm in length for mixed tray because our brand runs A little bit shorter. Majority of our clients request medium length to longer length. This will be a perfect tray for artist who doesn’t wanna waste any lash strips on shorter numbers. Artist can use 12mm-15mm for shorter Set. 16mm-19mm for longer set. Each lash trip has the length printed across at the bottom of each strip. Diameter on the left corner and our BR logo on the right corner. Every strip peels off your palette beautifully without leaving behind any paper residue for high-quality professional lashing. 

♡︎ Our newly lash is designed with special fiber, Artist will work effortlessly using less fans and still able to achieve a dark lash line with fuller look to the set because our lash offers a luxurious matte finish giving it the deepest black. The extreme flexible of this lash allows artist to spread and move it with the ease. Using BR Lash, artist won’t have to work too hard, because our lash does it’s job! 

Shipping time: 3-5 business day

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